Zombie games online on PC: TOP Free online games about zombies apocalypse

Resident Evil series

One of the most famous zombie-themed games. It was not only adapted for several platforms, but also awarded a high-budget Hollywood film adaptation. The genre has changed repeatedly as the games evolved, but all parts add up to a separate plot, which tells about the confrontation of the protagonists with the Umbrella corporation, which became the culprit of the spread of the zombie virus. Today, developers do not stop working on the release of reissues of old versions, improving textures, effects and pixelation.

Call of Duty series

Previously, Call of Duty was known only for a typical shooter on the theme of World War II, but now the creators decided to combine it with a zombie theme. Starting with the version of World at War in Call of Duty added survival mode, where four gamers will fight with the walking dead. For each zombie kill, the player receives money that can be spent on weapons and ammunition. Every year, developers release different maps, bringing variety to the content.

Left 4 Dead dilogy

Despite the fact that the games are no longer new, thousands of gamers visit the official servers. In Left 4 Dead, four survivors with a large number of weapons must reach a safe place, but first – to destroy all the zombies that get in their way. In addition to the traditional dead, there are other monsters that are not easy to eliminate. If you wish, you can play as one of them by selecting the multiplayer mode (zombies against survivors).

Dead Rising series

Any player who has ever encountered one of the parts of Dead Rising will confirm that zombies are not only horrors and intense action, but also fun. The creators of Dead Rising made a kind of sandbox filled with all kinds of tools to eliminate the walking dead. In addition, the arsenal includes equipment with wheels to destroy enemies. The plot of the first game tells about a journalist who shoots a report about the city surrounded by zombies. The second part tells about the search for a cure for an infected girl. Some missions of the game can be skipped.

State of Decay 2

Continuation of the first part, but with a bias towards the sandbox and unlimited freedom of action. Players are invited to survive the attack of the walking dead on the camp. Gamers will have to collect resources, items, medicines, weapons, monitor the well-being of people who are on the base. The difference from the first version of the game is that here the fascinating storyline was replaced by several quests for the characters, as well as “leadership” tasks. The game product resembles Sims, but in a more aggressive environment.

Dead Frontier 2

As a result of the global zombie epidemic, human society is on the verge of extinction. Terrible monsters attacked the planet, and those who managed to survive the first outbreak of the pandemic are trying to adapt to the new world order. Gamers will be engaged in collecting resources, improving weapons and equipment, building fortifications. But all this will be interfered with by hordes of zombies, which can be defeated alone or by a coordinated group. The creators of the game are constantly updating the MMO project with new content. The game is distributed for free.

Mist Survival

Single-player action with elements of adventure and survival, reminiscent of The Forest. Users need to get used to the role of a simple guy who will try to survive in the environment of a global epidemic of a mysterious virus that turns people into zombies. In addition to the shootings, the game will be able to master the crafting system, where there are many different items and consumables, as well as equip and protect the base. In addition to zombies, will attack and other hostile groups of survivors who are hunting for resources.