The women’s American football team from Minsk received an official name – FIRST & Goal

“Angels” – it was this name that the team found – will hold a presentation next Saturday.

Dmitry Pratsenko Observer FIRST Goal (Minsk)


On March 18, in the creative space of “Cultures-Multuri” (9 Masherova Ave.), the presentation of the first women's team in American football in Belarus “Angels” (Minsk) will be held. The event will be held from 15.00 to 18.00. The organizers invite all interested parties to visit the presentation (for this you need to pre -register at the link).

As part of the meeting, representatives and representatives of the Litvin Minsk football club will introduce participants with the features of American football through an interactive lecture and demonstrating short films about the development of this sport in the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Russia. Athletes who are already training in the Angels team will tell about training. A thematic photo shoot will be organized in sports and equipment of the US National Football League. Interested girls will be able to sign up for a trial training in the framework of the Great project.

The organizers of the event will be the Belarusian socio-sports project for women “Great” and the Minsk Club of American Football “Litvina”, on the basis of which the Angels team trained.

“An indicator of the development of this gaming sport in the country is not trophies, but the presence of a women's team,” Ksenia Koryva, who had a vision of the PR-manager of the Minsk Football Club of Litvina, shared her vision. – It all started with the fact that the girls became interested in the training of “Litvin”, they had not been arranged for a long time for the passive role of fans: it was not enough just to sit in the stands and watch the process – I want to participate. At first, training took place in the free sections of the field, then the players of the Litvin began to engage in the preparation of girls. So the idea of ​​creating an independent female team arose. Today, 10 girls regularly train, but this is not enough for a full composition. We are waiting for girls from 18 years of age and level of physical training, which are aware of the need for physical development and are ready to become part of a football family.

By the way, “Help” is a Belarusian socio-sports project for women, the main purpose of which is to attract as many girls as possible to sports. The initiative is aimed at overcoming internal barriers, common stereotypes and imposed restrictions, receiving pleasure from classes and gaining self -confidence. The project is primarily presented in the format of free classes in various sports, which every girl can join without special physical training.