Women’s hockey league – together in the new season: SK Gorny;

Together in the new season: “SK Gorny” three days before the start, we will begin to get acquainted with the team, which is just starting to create its own story – “Mountain Sports Club”. The club was founded in 2018

Together in the new season: SK Gorny

Three days before the start, we will begin to get acquainted with the team, which is just starting to create its own story – “Mountain Sports Club”.

The club was founded in 2018 on the basis of the Arctic University team and moved from the city of Ukhta to the city on the Neva. This season of the home arena of the team will already be the well -known small arena of the Yubileiny sports complex. On the weekend ended the open Cup of the HHHL, where the team showed an excellent game and intransigence in each match and won bronze medals of the tournament.

The leadership of the Mountain hopes that the second season of the team in the women's hockey league will turn out to be more successful than the first. In the last championship, the team scored 43 points, showed that she could play on equal terms with almost any opponent, and now one of the main tasks is to achieve game stability and continue progress.

The result of last season in the club, of course, is unhappy. The sixth place is clearly not what both the coaches and hockey players of the “mountain” were counting on. It was not possible to get into the playoffs of the gkl, and it was such a task that was set by the leadership. Given the investments that were made under its implementation, the past season cannot be called successful. Yes, they scored a lot of glasses, there was progress during the season, in most meetings they looked worthy, some matches simply pleased the fans and the result, but this was not enough for the four best teams.
Therefore, the minimum task for the upcoming season is to get into the playoffs of the goss.

The development and renewal of the team began last season, this process will continue. The team has a new head coach – Alexander Dmitrievich Perebynino, there are changes in the composition. They do not plan to distinguish one of the rivals in the championship in the “Mountain”. Each game will be approached very seriously and responsibly, in every match they will try to win. In principle, last season showed that the team has good potential.

The preparation of the team for the season was normal. He held the entire preseason “Mountain” in St. Petersburg. How fruitfully the hockey players managed to work, the upcoming season will show. The games of the “Open GSHL Cup” proved that the team has something to work on, there is something to add, there is where to grow. Not all hockey players showed everything they are capable of, there are a number of complaints even for victorious matches. But this is not surprising – in the mountain new coach, new hockey players. Any team needs time to play, understand the requirements of the coaching staff, and then begin to realize them on ice.
In the match against the Hungarian “Mas Marilyn”, Karina Verkhovtseva was injured at the “Open Cup of the HRL”.Probably the forward will miss the first matches of the new season. All other hockey players are completely ready for the season.
Compared to last season, the team has undergone certain changes.
There are several newcomers in the team. Two young goalkeepers – Alexander Safonova and Daria Lavrukhina. Daria-from the Yaroslavl School of Hockey, performed at the Pereslavl-Zalessky HC. Alexandra – Petersburger, played for the Panthers, SKA HKD, HC named after N. Drozdetsky.
The defenders Marina Lazareva (also from St. Petersburg, played for various teams of this city) and Alisa Kudelina (Hockey School named after Sergey Makarov, Chelyabinsk), forwards Nadezhda Modina (had experience in the women's hockey league for Agidel. , advocated for the youth team of Russia, last season was listed as part of the Tomiris HCHK from Kazakhstan) and Alexander Vafin.
Now the club is negotiating with several more hockey players, they want to strengthen the composition by the beginning of the season in Gorno. In general, the club’s ambitions, as always, are serious, and what will come of all this will tell time.

The first match of the regular championship of the Women's Hockey League of Petersburzhenka will be held with the SKSO on September 14 at 13:00 (Moscow time).
This will be an interesting and fundamental match for the first points of the season between the teams that are aimed at changing the results of the last season!

The first match of the UK Mountain and SKSO and all the games are glory, see our YouTube channel.