Zenit lost to Juventus in Turin in the Champions League match.

Juventus: Schensny, Bonucci, de Ligt, Danilo, Alex Sandro, McKenny, Locatelli, Chiesa, Bernardeschi, Morata, Dybala.

ZENITH: Kritsyuk, Rakitsky, Chistyakov, Lovren, Karavaev, Mostovoy, Vendel, Barrios, Sutormin, Claudinho, Azmun.

We watched a great match today. “Zenith” tried, but the class of teams was incomparable. Chiesa effectively destroyed Lovren. Well, on this we say goodbye, the broadcast was conducted by Anton Mozgovoy.

4 : 2 Serdar Azmoun

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Azmun. Serdar scores! He took and threw the ball past the goalkeeper! Avoided a major defeat, Zenith!

Dejan Kuluszewski

4 : 1 Alvaro Morata

GOOOL! Morata scores! Got the ball behind the backs of the defenders of Zenith and struck in touch! Kritsyuk reached out, but did not save!

Chistyakov takes the ball out of an empty net! Chiesa jumped out at the gate there and shot past Krytsyuk! The ball was already rolling towards the goal, but the defender came to the rescue!

3 : 1 Federico Chiesa

GOOOL! Chiesa scores the third goal for Juve! Great twisted opponent and struck at the far post from an acute angle! Lovren couldn't stop Chiesa there.

Crossbar is now saved “Zenith”! Twisted several of McKenny’s opponents and shot the crossbar!

Manuel Locotelli

Juve continues to attack. Chiesa earned a free kick on the flank, and it all ended with a blow from Dybala. This time it’s not accurate.

2 : 1 Paulo Dybala

Dejan Lovren

2nd half

Difficult to get the first half for the “Zenith”. “Juventus” stormed the penalty area with the score 0:0 and then also staged an assault already at 1:1. Lucky little “Zenith” that Bonucci sent the ball into his own net. Well, rest and wait for the second half.

Juventus continues to escalate the situation at someone else’s penalty area, but at least the guests are not yet allowed to get to Krytsyuk.

1 : 1 Leonardo Bonucci

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Zenith evens the score! Lucky! Karavaev hung in the penalty area, and Bonucci cut the ball into his own net! The first missed Juve in this Champions League! Beautiful own goal from Leonardo!

A good attack had “Zenith”! They brought Mostovoy to the strike position, but his attempt was blocked by his opponent.

Juventus looks very powerful in the starting period. Each attack of the hosts turns out to be potentially dangerous.

Forgive Juve rival! Dybala beat two and rolled the ball under the blow of Morate, who shot into the sky from a lethal position!

Finally, the guests got out on someone else’s half of the field. There was a good attack, but Sutormin made an unsuccessful cross.

1 : 0 Paulo Dybala

GOAL! Dybala! After a corner, the ball bounced back to Dybala, who famously shot with a bounce off the ground! Juve take the lead!

Now “Juventus” is practically storming the gates of St. Petersburg. Very hard, “Zenith” has a few corners in a row.

Goal for Juventus! Rakytskyy made a mistake, knocked the ball to Bernardeschi, he hit from the goalkeeper's front, Krytsyuk saves !!

So far, a pretty active start.“Zenith” boldly plays in a debut, in general, the Petersburgers have nothing to lose. It is unlikely that the team will drop below the third place, and for the second you can be worried.

1st half

Sport.ru will conduct a direct text broadcast of the match Juventus – Zenit. Anton Mozgova will work at the match.


We lost on the case. Juventus is much superior to Zenit class, as well as Zenit is now superior to Spartak. I don’t see this surprising.